Is Anyone Still Visting This Site?

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Guese Who,

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Notherwise Is Here! So Me and Pendo  Decided To Restart  Pendoworld My Best Memories Of WordPress Originated Here And I want to keep  it alive. I Resigned The website to be more familiar to

To Keep The Legacy Alive

I Will-

Repost Light  Vs Dark Remastered Edition!

Remake  Of Star Wars

Remake Of Resident Evil

Fanfiction Of Dragonballz

Post Xbox360 Videos

And Much  More 🙂

The Answer to a Prayer

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So…Here is my first post. Today at school, we didn’t do much but we had some stupid GREAT project.

  • G.ang
  • R.esistance
  • E.ducation
  • A.nd
  • T.raining

And “Yes” it is as stupid as it sounds >.> Anyways, we had to do something good for the elderly, disabled, or war veterans for four hours. We could pick up around our community, mow someones lawn, etc. Anyways, I didn’t do it – obviously. And neither did half the class, and it was worth 20% of our Social Studies grade. I also knew that I had Gifted Testing today, which I was hoping would all work out. So, there we were, he was going up the table calling people. And the entire time I was laying my head down praying that something happened that I didn’t have to show my project, or that my Gifted Testing would start already. And guess what? Right then, as he got to the person right in front of me, the intercom said “Please send Josh ______ to the office.” and yep, my Gifted Testing started right then. God had answered my prayer, it felt awesome.

~~Pendo of Pendo World~~

OMGZ – What!? – AWESOME! – NO WAY!

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The Gates to Pendo World are Being Re-Opened!!!!!

I will make new pages and hopefully get a header shop set-up as well as other awesome things! I’ll try to post everyday, but I’ll need a partner. Someone to help me! Anyone out there? *cricket chirps* well I don’t need any of you anyway, just go back to your sites, you…you…you…CUP CAKES! -.-




Just Kidding! April Fools! Hahaha xD

Even though it’s not April First still but oh well. April Fools pranks are needed on every day! ^.^ Anyways, post in this topic! Yes, post. You know, that thing where you type a comment and click send…Yeah…that button right there that says send will put your comment up on my site…no that says sneeze…there! 🙂 Come on and enter…


*puts key in gate and opens them up before being trampled by thousands of people*


Where Randomness Never Ends,

Sincerely your Local Neighborhood Pendo,

Who Likes Pie,

And Everything Related to Pie,

I Big thee Farewell,

So that Your Journey into Pendo World,

May be a Safe One,

Good bye,


Via Condios